Costco = Awesomely Hugh Stuff!!

Hello, All~! =D another fun day out with erichan and rinachan again 🙂 well since we need to get something for our house and on top of that rinachan hasn’t been to Costco yet so this is sucha perfect opportunity~! this is so much fun and i just found out that rinachan is sucha candy girl~! she snacks too much and all the time and she always runs around away from us and looking at things.. so baka hahahahah and it was a fun day for me and erichan... Read More

Homemade pasta (just like Pizza Hut)

well today Rinachan and Erichan made some pasta and it was pretty good! i guess they got the idea from the last weekend when we went to Pizza hut to get some of that pasta thing so anyway.. we ended up going to Ralphs and bought a lot of ingredients so that they can try it out.. and now today we have a very nice looking pasta but ended up being so big.. well at least we have a couple days that we can try to finish it XD haha. and here the finished... Read More