How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally

I wish someone would have told me about this long long time ago… Back in the day when I was still optimistic and still somewhat romantic toward the girls, I was thinking about how to win this girl’s heart and I was thinking maybe a bouquet of black rose would be good. Now you have to understand, I still have no idea why i wanted that black rose. Well, I guess because I just saw the movie Adam Family and there was this awesome black rose... Read More

How to beat Super Mario Bros 3 in 11 minutes

Hello and back again with the new edition of useless conquest. I know you that everyone know what is a Super Mario Bros 3 is and I’m sure that most of you used to own a Nintendo back in the day. If you have Nintendo then you should have the Super Mario Bros 3 because it was a must-have back in the day. Who could forget the exhilaration of playing video game all day all night until your parents pull the plug on your game when you are at the last... Read More