If you have it. You don’t need it…

this is certainly inspiring…. i highly recommending you to watch it!. it will change your life!     some inspiring word… if have it, you don’t need it if you need it, you don’t have it if you have it, you need more of it if you have more of it, you don’t need less of it you need it to get it and you certainly need it to get more of it but if you don’t already have any of it to begin with, you can’t get any of it to get... Read More

I’m gonna “Let It Shine”… (Honda Insight Commercial)

well i’m back for another edition of the most awesome Commercial ever~! This time it’s from Honda Insight~!   i think this commercial is super awesome because it’s just a simple idea. using LED headlights from so many Honda Insight’s to create one gigantic animated Lite-Brite. Over all i give it 2 thumbs up 🙂 now Enjoy~!   For some people who wanna know more about Honda Insight, here’s for you 🙂 it’s the new hybrid car... Read More