My first impression of Nexus One Froyo

Ater sporting my myTouch for quite sometime and have been a member of xda community. I have finally move on to the bigger and better phone! I kinda know that myTouch is at the end of its life. I mean the phone is still great but it can’t possible do as much as the newer phone anymore and the main reason for me to be getting new phone is because going out and party and then got too drunk, blacked out and lost the phone seem to be all the rage right... Read More

CyanogenMod-5.x is finally here

Actually it was 2 days ago… CM 5.0.7 is out to the public… This is the first build of CM that is completely based off Eclair or the Android 2.1 I just got a chance to try it today since i haven’t had the time and i am absolutely loving it!!! Like what i posted a while back, i was using OpenEclair and it was pretty good it was all the things that i need except the YouTube and i was kinda be able to live with it because i at least i have a laptop... Read More

How to check Android SD Partition on ADB

in case you don’t know, i have myTouch with T-mobile and it sucks pretty hard… so the only way i can think of to remedy this is to hack it and hack it good!! been in the scene since myTouch was released, i have learned a thing or two about android and stuff. so today I’m using a rom by CaNN0N202 called CaNNoN202 Complete Eclair [v2.0] which can be found here this is the first time switching... Read More

Android 1-click Root (before it gets patched..)

check this site for it because that’s how i got the root access for my phone.. and I’ve heard that they already patch it with the new OTA update so… good luck for you all who still have the old version and not patched yet on your phone!   it seems that this link will show you how to do all those Rom flash and stuff too so good for you~!  Read More

Time for Android Phone

Hello, fellow netizens~! sorry for the lack of updates… i’ve been so busy this past couple months.. so at least i’m back at it again i have so many things to blog about so you’ll be seeing alot of update from now on so let’s get started on one of the most impulse buy i’ve had in ages~! it’s T-Mobile myTouch 3G~! or as the Android fan knows it as HTC Magic or HTC Sapphire it’s awesome~! well i always wanted iPhone but because i have... Read More