My name is Tom Soisoonthorn. I’m a Web Developer from Santa Barbara, CA.

I don’t design the websites – I make them work.

What languages do you use and specialize in?

The majority of my time is spent with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (mostly jQuery and some MooTools), PHP, MySQL, and XML. My talent lies in implementing AJAX and JavaScript effects that enhance the functionality of the website and the site’s appeal. I also have some experience with ASP, and Java/JSP. I’m quick to pick up any language I need to.

How many websites have you worked on?

I’ve worked on many many websites, from personal websites, small business websites, eCommerce websites, all the way up to enterprise websites. I’ve completed various pieces of projects, some including domain, DNS, and hosting management.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m not the stereotypical programmer. I’m do sport and other random things also — I’ll watch skateboarding, football, and basketball whenever I get the chance. I skateboard mostly when I have time and even though I’m not that good at it but it helps me relax. I do watch mostly variety TV show and such and nowadays I am so into Korean Variety show and such and enjoy them as a way to relieve the stress of long hours. I’m also trying to get in shape — it is way harder then what it seems to be. This is something that takes way more commitment than programming I have to say. Lastly, I blog about programming and the web in general or whatever that cross my mind at that moment.

Are you available for consulting, programming, freelance, etc.?

I’m always available for something programming related. I feel that the more I program the better I get so more programming is better for me. I’m occasionally available for consulting or freelance opportunities depending on the time. Please contact me if you’d like to speak about these type of opportunities.

Can I contact you?

Feel free to contact me any time!