How Differential Gear works

Seriouly folks, YOU must know this…

I don’t really care what you say. Everyone that drives a car must know this because it’s something you should know.

As for me, since i’m restoring my pride and joy, 1966 mustang coupe, so this is something I have to know since I have no idea what differential gear is. Basically people always told me that since i’m restomoding my mustang then i should get a 9″ rear axle which is where the differential gear is. I don’t know what it does and I was too lazy to look it up until now.

I stumble upon this youtube link that will explain in detail on what is differential gear and how it works and how it comes to be. It’s quite ingenious and interesting, really.

Here’s the video and it starts around 1:50 so you can skip it to there if you want.

and now you know.