How to beat Super Mario Bros 3 in 11 minutes

Hello and back again with the new edition of useless conquest. I know you that everyone know what is a Super Mario Bros 3 is and I’m sure that most of you used to own a Nintendo back in the day. If you have Nintendo then you should have the Super Mario Bros 3 because it was a must-have back in the day. Who could forget the exhilaration of playing video game all day all night until your parents pull the plug on your game when you are at the last stage and about to save the game at the most crucial spot… Anyway… I was surfing the net and came across this. This is…

Vuvuzela Button on YouTube? Get your Futbol On! Ole!

now for all the Futbol, or Soccer depending what part of the world you’re from, fans to get into the Fifa 2010 mood. YouTube finally rolls out the new feature! The Vuvuzela Button on YouTube. If you think you weren’t annoyed, or didn’t have , enough with the Vuvuzela noise during every Futbol match on every broadcast then you can now turn of the Vuvuzela noise on all you YouTube Video and party like it’s 1999!! That’s right folks. Vuvuzela button and it’s awesome! You should get it while it’s hot because it might not here there long enough… All you have to do is just click the fricking button and enjoy all the awesome…

Set a Video as your wallpaper with VLC

first off I wanna thank your for such an awesome tip! Now I can just lag at work I mean When I’m not doing anything too pressing, I can just watch movie or video while i’m doing work.. This is all with the help of VLC player. If you don’t know what VLC is then I highly recommend downloading it and try it out. It’s pretty badass media player. anyway you can go to this link or ( to read the whole steps on how to do it. and here’s what it should look like if you did it right… as you can see, now working while watching movie is just a click away….

Deconstruct, Streamline, and Remap by Tim Ferriss

“I am known as a life hacker.” proclaimed by Tim Ferriss I have to say I’m quite intrigued with all that he has to offer from just that line. I think for I’m not really outside looking in kinda guy. Most of my time and my energy is focusing on inside looking out. What I mean is what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking I’m projecting. This can be nice and fun once you’re young but life comes with aging. So anyway, as the time goes by I’m starting to look back in retrospect to find out how I get to this point of my life. I’m not saying that I’m a complete failure in…

Lost Phone equals New Phone

well.. the most unfortunate happened to me last week… I don’t really remember all the details simply because i don’t remember anything… alcohol is a hell of a past-time activity…   anyway… long story short… I Lost my phone… so I guess good bye to the myTouch… man… I loved that phone… It was the first smart phone I’ve ever had and it does all the things that i wanted and more.. so i was contemplating what i should do about the lost phone and it seems LOST PHONE EQUATES TO NEW PHONE ya… I need to get a new phone.. apparently.. I have been living quiet life for a week and it was nice…..