long time no see~!

wow.. it’s been a long time since my last blog~!

so i guess it’s time to get back into it

first order of business~!

just had my big 3 and 0 birthday party..

wow time flies…..

i remember when i was 20 and that was like not that long ago…

but i remember what i was doing so i guess i didn’t have that much of a good birthday i guess…

i think if you don’t remember any of those birthdays then they were all good ones then haha

so anyway

another week into work with massive amount of work that i have to do and

so many javascript library to add to the site to make it all Ajaxy and stuff..

learned myself jquery, mootools and codeigniter and a bunch of stufff

by far i think i learn the most this years…

good time, bad time, good people, bad people, so so friends or bad friends…

just 2 years to go before i can go to Japan (fingers crossed~!)

so let’s see what will be store for me~!


and as usual something awesome before i sign out for now~!

since i love 回転寿司 or sushi on conveyor belt

so here’s something awesome about it

i hope you like it~!