Get ready for work in 5 (the salaryman way~!)

it’s good to be effient!~! and if you can get ready for work in 5 mins after waking up then that’s awesome so go try this people and let me know how it works out for you~! some tricks here are awesome like the necktie one since i have no idea how to do the necktie so this is not bad~! hahah

Susan Boyle is Awesome

well recently i just saw this awesome YouTube of Susan Boyle. you know the Britain’s got talent 2009 one and it was so moving and super awesome at that so just to share some of what i thought was the most incredible stuff that I’ve seen lately. so anyway.. i might not let you see here because embed is disabled so you have to go to the link instead… here it is~! Susan Boyle in HQ  

How to make Thai Red Curry (Tutorial~!)

wow~! it has been a hectic weeks~! so busy from so many things… but well here i am back and stuff 🙂 so i guess it’s time to post this tutorial~!   first off, i just wanna thank everyone in TEFL class for liking the curry so since some people ask me for the recipe so here it is~! all for the taking! and if i miss anything or if something is not clear then please let me know so i can fix it and stuff 🙂   *just so you know i made this curry on 2 different occasions so the pictures are not quite the same haha~!*   let’s start off with the…

Watch & Embed YouTube in HQ~! (Tutorial)

hey hey~! it’s been a while~! I’ve hard the most busy day at work ever for this week! started learning how to user CodeIgniter for the new job and it’s AWESOME!! well I’ll post something about how to get started on it in case someone might find it interesting 🙂   anyway… i used to run into this problem all the time before when youtube didn’t have the “HQ” button for you when you wanna force youtube to play high quality (HQ) video so with a bit of ingenuity and trial and error from some other people so now i bring you the way to geek out youtube the right way.   just so you…